How do you stay relevant in an uncertain job market?

With the economic somersaults we’ve seen in SA, it’s not uncommon for employees to be left feeling a little less-than-certain about the future of their careers. Rest assured that if you’re feeling threatened, you’re not alone. With a workforce that’s always on the change, you have every right to be considering ways in which you can make yourself more relevant in uncertain times.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at what practical tactics you can deploy to help secure the future of your job, and even more importantly, your slot on the corporate ladder.

Enrich Your Knowledge by Reading

If you want to continue growing in your career life, it’s important to read up (whether it be in the form of books or online articles) and acquire new information in your area of expertise. Ted Talks are super informative and provide a quick and easy learning session for busy professionals on the go. Talks such as Kelly McGonigal’s How to Make Stress Your Friend and Shawn Anchor’s the Happy Secret to Better Work might help change the way you see your role in the workforce for good.


Sign Up for a Class

You can always learn a new skill, regardless of your educational background. Continually enriching your knowledge is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself relevant in an uncertain job market, in fact, it may even help you find even better opportunities. Why not consider taking up a course online with sites such as Udemy? There are literally thousands of options out there which can all help you learn to adapt to the changing environment out there, adding even more value to your career capital.


Keep Your Emotional and Cognitive Skills in the Balance

Human elements will ultimately play a big role in just how relevant you are in the job market. Your soft skills, tact, analytic skills, problem-solving abilities, and your emotional intelligence all need to be in perfect balance if you want to enhance your worth in the job market. When you consider an interview, it becomes clear to see why you, as a human being, need to demonstrate not only technical capabilities but also a positive, hands-on attitude, which will ultimately add value to any company.



Peers are there to help us grow, learn new skills, and essentially, show us the best way to get things done effectively and efficiently. Networking is an important aspect of career development and personal enrichment as it provides you with that extra support you’ll need to keep your drive as high as possible.


Let’s face it: If you’re not doing something to advance your skills and abilities in today’s economic climate, you’re going to get left behind. Make sure you’re clear on where it is you want to go and what you’re willing and able to do to get yourself (and your career) to the final destination. At Adzuna, we’re all about helping you move forward, so make sure you don’t miss out on the abundance of insightful articles focused on improving you and your career!

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