Considering a Career as a Recruiter? Here’s What You’ll Be Doing

If you have ever considered the idea of becoming a recruiter, you might have wondered exactly what your duties would entail. In this post, we will be taking a closer look at the function of recruitment consultants and what their roles and responsibilities are.


Common misconceptions about recruitment consultants

  • Recruitment consultants have easy jobs

Everything that a recruitment consultant does relies on other people’s responses, and since all candidates and all employers have their own ideas, it is not always easy to sell even the best of talent to top companies. Recruitment consultants need strong backbones to be able to get back up regardless of how many setbacks they face.

  • Recruitment consultants are not specialists

Recruitment consultants all specialize in certain areas and sectors. The best recruitment consultants know their market well and stay on top of things as far as their area of expertise is concerned. Recruitment consultants need an intimate understanding of what their clients want, which means that specializing in your market is one of the first steps to becoming a successful recruitment consultant.

  • Recruiters are focused on money first and their clients second

Obviously, to get ahead, there are targets that need to be met and quotas that have to be reached, but despite this, most recruiters genuinely love what they do, and commissions aren’t their only motivators.


What do recruitment consultants do?

Recruitment consultants are essentially the middlemen between organizations looking to hire new staff and individuals looking for new employment opportunities. Recruitment consultants are responsible for bringing the candidates and the clients together in an effort to fill an open position in the shortest amount of time. The recruitment consultant ensures that the goals of the candidate and the client’s resourcing needs are simultaneously met.

One of the most critical aspects of working as a recruitment consultant is the effective development of existing and new client relationships. As a recruitment consultant, you’ll be tasked with developing a comprehensive understanding of the nature of your client’s business, it’s culture, and it’s current requirement needs in order to secure new clients.


How recruitment consultants work with candidates

As a recruitment consultant, you’ll develop a strong and trusted relationship with a wide variety of professionals. You will be working with candidates seeking immediate employment opportunities as well as candidates that are considering their longer-term career path.

As a recruiter, you will be assessing the skills and experience of candidates, inspecting their career goals, and considering their suitability for a variety of roles. Aside from assessing the candidate’s skills and abilities, you will also be responsible for managing the interview process and negotiating remuneration with clients.

Although the work that recruitment consultants do is hugely rewarding, you shouldn’t fall for the illusion of thinking it’s an easy job. Recruiting is a tough selling job, and because the recruitment sector is such a fast-paced environment that’s highly competitive, you’ll have to be focused on results, target driven, able to thrive under pressure and have a desire to succeed in the business.


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