The New TshWi-Fi Is Here!

TshWi-Fi has been a major success. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the service and to roll out Free WiFi in new areas. But expanding means that we need to make sure that the service is sustainable for the long-term.

Our vision has always been to make sure that you, the user, never has to pay for the cost of using TshWi-Fi. So we’ll be introducing a new model for Free WiFi that ensures a sustainable service without you incurring any costs.

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How Does The New Model Work?

The first thing you’ll need to do is register to use Free WiFi. You’ll only need to register ONCE on your device and after that you’ll just be able to click to connect. No personal information will be passed on and your privacy will be protected.

This is what the register page will look like

Also, there will be ads served during your TshWi-Fi browsing session. These will only be served as you move between different web pages and we’ll be making every effort to make sure these ads are as relevant as possible to you.

And here’s what the ads that pop-up as you browse will look like


Why The Change?

We need to create a sustainable, long-term plan for Free WiFi. In order to do this we want to bring brands on board to be part of the incredible success story of Africa’s biggest public Free WiFi network. They’ll have a way to reach you, the user, and you won’t have to worry about ever losing access to Free WiFi.

The new TshWi-Fi is currently live in Mamelodi and Atteridgeville but keep a look out for updates on when your community will be moved to new system.

OK, Sounds Great. But I’ve Got Questions…

No problem. We understand that you might have questions about the system change. We want this to be a win-win situation, so if you have any queries or issues, please contact

We are looking forward to expanding Free WiFi to the rest of the city and giving you more access to the jobs, education and socially inclusive content on the internet.


  1. I think its a good idea coming from the ANC government and now run by DA coalition.change is good and we need to embrace new changes.kindly send us Technicians when it is down and out,cos it takes around a week before it been attended to.give us a service directory line or email address to send for repairs if its down,otherwise keep up the good work guys.put more of it also in the malls,police stations,clinics,main shops,churches etc for an easy access to make life easier for all of us.currently the problem most of the respondents are crying about is connectivity,due to having hundreds of users in one WiFi spot.I thank you.

  2. Quite frankly,it’s bit of a mission to connect to the version in my area(Olievenhoutbosch)particular at the community centre

  3. The system is down most time,but why?? I even think is because is in the location couse this doesn’t happen in towns like Pretoria or even bronkhor.but generally we’re happy couse we even have something at all.?

  4. Is this a joke or what, like really if you don’t want to give us free WiFi than just stop it unlike doing this to us. You can’t even finished searching for jobs than it’s finished argh maan this is pure evilness . Nxa badlalile ngathi la

  5. Im staying in mamelodi west, these days I struggle to connect to tshwane wifi, since the implimentation of the new tshwane wifi.please help.

  6. Can’t connect?mara why??
    ent Error!

    You have insufficient funds to perform this function. You have R0.00 remaining, please recharge soon before you try

  7. Kgele ho monate hakakang nekitse hakgwedi ena e kodumela keleba lapeng tjhe Hao Moo keyang kekopa metswalle nomoro tsaka sedikadikwe,Supa,tharo,NNE,Supa,robong,hlano,nngwe,pedi,hlano

  8. My community love free WiFi but we go to far to connect WiFi ,I here by request that tshwane install a free WiFi in insili street block xx,we don’t care if is 200 mb per day the thing is our children in the community go to far and cross roads that are too busy I hope that u will read this massage

  9. My name is Desmond,I m very disappointed abt dis wi-fi?i m using iPhone ? &hi alwys use same ather wifi,Bt dis 1haowa haowa,on my Phn doesn’t wn2 lock in y?


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