Connect your small business to consumers with Khomba Africa

Who we are

Khomba Africa is an online, localised business directory with features of an E-commerce platform. It is a market place for small businesses and consumers. The platform links SMMEs with consumers close to them who are in need of their products and services. This is done through accurate geographic specific search results. The platform provides an easy to use innovative interface that allows for efficient use by consumers. Khomba Africa provides SMMEs with an affordable and more efficient digital presence.


Khomba Africa aspires to lead the way in the quest to create a vibrant and thriving SMME sector which contributes significantly to the economy and creates much needed jobs; by harnessing the power of digitalisation to connect consumers and SMMEs across the length and breadth of the African continent.


At Khomba Africa our mission is to connect SMMEs in the inner cities and townships of Africa to consumers in need of their products and services by providing an efficient and seamless digital platform that directs consumers to businesses and grants them a digital presence at an affordable cost.

Watch Khomba Africa’s Feature on ENCA below:


At Khomba we are guided by the following values:

  • A Pan-African Entrepreneurial Outlook
  • Developmental approach to Innovation
  • Respect for Human dignity
  • Sustainable Development
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

Visit Khomba Africa to list your small business or get access to their growing list of services and suppliers.

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