Mass march recalled for the president to step down

The Economic Freedom Fighters members gathered at Church Square to march to the Union Buildings in support of the vote of no confidence which took place in Parliament against President Jacob Zuma.

Masses of other oppositional parties also joined the EFF and took over to the Union buildings and demanded answers as to whether the president would step down or not.

Although the final verdict defeated the whole purpose of the march and allowing the president to remain in it, The people are still persistent and feel a new South Africa could
Be born.

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  1. Zuma please step down, we are tired of your insensitivity. Zuma even the members of anc are tired of you, they just like their party not you. Help your fellow south Africans zuma by just ssteping down

  2. Anc mps are scared of voting Zuma out but outside the platform they are saying he must go they were given a clear opportunity to remove him now those who voted with opposition parties will soon be axed

  3. Zuma must step down. He has done nothing but has made south Africa a laughing stock. Pls help us we are tied of ur leadership. Change can work for us.

  4. Please start playing the ball and not the man.
    Some people have made President Zuma their project and central theme of their canvas for support and along the way insulting the intelligence of our general populace.
    The following seems to be the hidden sins of our President :
    1.Educational background
    2.Being chosen,loved and respected by the masses
    3.Chosing to build his house in the rural place,Nkandla and not in one of the predominantly white suburb somewhere in South Africa
    4.Challenging the monopoly capital


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