Khomba Africa – Reinvigorating the African Marketplace

Khomba Africa’s mission is to connect SMMEs in the inner cities and townships of Africa to consumers in need of their products and services by providing an efficient and seamless digital platform that directs consumers to businesses and grants them a digital presence at an affordable cost.

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  1. I am very much disappointed about wi-fi we use this technology to look for jobs and some of students do their homework, assignments etc. But suddenly is running off for almost 3 weeks, Matric learners derailed last year December to register to varsity because of this. This wifi is useful especially for us unemployed young people from dis-advantaged areas like Winterveldt as don’t money to internet cafes.

  2. Sometyms we try all our best to use dis wi-fi wisely. Bt de way it give us unuseful deletrition information it makes ur lyf so solve. Tym wasted never regain

  3. Today I logged in only to find my 500MB balance as 0MB. Whereas I have not used it to day. Please manage this properly because many people are also complaining


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