Notice from Tshwane Free WiFi: Outage in Mamelodi

Notice:  The Tshwane Free WiFi service is not available in 35 free Internet Zones in Mamelodi. This is due to theft of equipment at one of the  sites providing the communication to the zones. We are awaiting approval from the City of Tshwane to replace the equipment and fix the problem.

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  1. Dumelang
    Please note that you do not steal from the government but you steal from the community. The government does not use the resources, the community does so if you vandalise or misuse anything, the community suffers.

  2. People who steals endanger their own lives and future. They do not worth living among people, their places is in the wild. What was installed for the benefit of the community is been stole by some worthless humans…denying others of good things. The wifi serves as a saviour to financial shortage to many people. One day is one day your evil will cut up with you and destroy you completely without mercy.

  3. Stupid people who steal for themselves ayy! Black people we don’t appreciate waitsi let us know he ele xap plz re baba bangwe free wifi ate thusa ka spane sa sgila ene ke xoo the person who stole the wires ha ana even matric mxmmmmm

  4. MAGODU stop Wat U are doing pls these services play a big role into our lyf it saves the spendings so pls don’t do that we really need WI-fy guys let’s think for other people


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