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About us

We Connect your City to the Future

TshWi-Fi is a free wi-fi network created by the City of Tshwane to develop and empower its citizens through connectivity. Focusing on the generation of the future, TshWi-Fi creates spaces that have easy-to-access wi-fi.

It is a hallmark of technological connection with an objective to turn normal spaces into smart spaces, connected spaces, spaces to learn, spaces to grow and spaces where anything is possible.

These spaces accumulate to form a smart city, a connected city and a city that is opening up a world of information to its public.

Hot spot

Want to connect? This is how it works…

– Use our hot spot finder to find a connection near you
– Select “TshWi-Fi” from the list of available connections on your device
– Follow the prompts to connect to the network
– Enjoy 1GB of data per user per day
– Browse TshWiFi.com to learn more about the people and places that make our city tick.

How the hot spots work


Want to advertise with us? Lets talk...

You can reach over 1 million young, connected Tshwane residents through advertising on TshWi-Fi. Get in touch to connect your brand.

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Want to advertise with us? Lets talk...

Get in touch to learn more about the TshWi-Fi network, how to advertise your brand and get connected.

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