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The City of Tshwane welcomes opportunities to businesses of all sizes. The city plays host to an array of beautiful office parks catering to a variety of sizes. It also has ample space for larger factories, manufacturing plants and agriculture all supported by the City.


The City Of Tshwane welcomes new business

The City Of Tshwane offers opportunities for businesses of all sizes and sectors. From business parks to commercial properties. This strategically located city is ideal for the businessperson looking to put down roots as it offers fantastic education and research facilities, an extensive labour market and accessibility of affordable premises.

SEDA offers a guiding light to small businesses

The SEDA (Small Business Development Agency) offers information to those looking to start a business. From advice and information, to small enterprise training and even business registration, starting up has never been safer and easier.

SEFA makes starting up a business possible by offering a leg up over the finance hurdle

One of the biggest reasons why businesses either fail to launch or don’t stick around for long enough is access to finance. Regardless of the size of one’s company, there are costs that just cannot be avoided and are absolutely necessary to success.

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