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Learning about the city you love is easy and contributing to make this city amazing is even easier. Welcome to your Tshwane! A place for you to play, work, rest and be alive! This is your space to make the city great by contributing in any way possible. Join a community centre. Take on an after-hours project. Use a talent to beautify your City. Connect Your City to the Future.


Five ways to stay safe in the city during the Covid-19 pandemic

The dust has far from settled on the coronavirus pandemic and even though many lives are back to “business as usual” there is still a great need for safety out on the streets.

When it comes to healthcare the City of Tshwane has it all

The City of Tshwane has a plethora of NGOs in various sectors of the healthcare system. This provides residents with the opportunity to choose from a list of registered healthcare services right on their doorstep.

Tshwane offers residents a place to read, learn, and explore

In today’s world of internet, Google and social media, many people have forgotten the worth of having a library subscription. You don’t need to be a bookworm to want to be a member, there are so many other services that the Tshwane library has to offer.

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